Christians Catholic Mass Around the Globe

I attended the Sunday night mass organized by the Campus Ministry Association at the Robert Morris University. It was a Catholic mass. I saw candles and flowers in-front of the podium at the chapel. The chairs were organized in rows facing the podium. A man wearing green and white vestments stood up and addressed the audience by saying prayers and doing the religious acts such as washing hands and showing the glass of wine to the audience. He had Holy Bible in-front of him while he was saying the verses. His message included helping the people in need and not just the friends and family, because people with the inability of repayment have greater needs than the neighbors and friends sometimes.

He further prayed for a good health of everybody and the prosperity of the United States. After drinking the glass of wine he said to God to make everyone one community by drinking his blood. A girl sang the verses from Holy Bible and a boy was playing the piano along with her. The mass ended with everyone eating a piece of bread and praying to the God for mercy. Being a Hindu, this was the first time I attended the Catholic mass. It was very similar to what Temples usually do, in terms of the message given and the way people sit and listen to the person talking. But in Temples the Holy book is placed at the center as it shows significance for people to bow down. The main differences that I noticed were use of money and drinking of wine. In a Temple people place the money in boxes as a sign of support to Temple’s expenses and operations but there was nothing like that at the mass. The main reason for this could be that the mass was at the Rogal Family Chapel which is not essentially a regular church.

I think this was an extraordinary experience for me. I believe in humanity myself and I also believe that every religion teaches good behaviors and strong community engagement, but being at this mass affirmed my belief. The message given by the speaker was very important to me and even though I am not a Christian, I do strongly believe that it is very significant to help your neighbors, friends, family and the people in need. I felt connected to a different religion and I learned about religious activities of Christianity. The use of water with wine was surprising and I did ask my friends for the importance and story behind that. We live in a world where people think that religion makes people apart but I believe that religion teaches us to help each other and stay together and I felt same when I attended the mass. It was very peaceful to be at the chapel and not worry about daily life activities. I would definitely recommend others to attend the mass and feel the same peace of mind.

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