Cheap travels to India Mystic

“If you have ever wanted to visit cheap travels to India, Mystic India is your direct flight there.” (Mystic India, 2016). Many people, including me, always wish to visit India one day. But thanks to Mystic India, an internationally acclaimed Bollywood dance show, people can now experience an Indian, culture, traditions and most importantly the dances in the city of Pittsburgh. This Diwali I visited the Byham Theater to experience Indian culture. The show was filled with colors, traditional dances and messages of love and brotherhood from the people of India. The traditional dances represented the 29 states of India and told stories about their language, culture and practice of religion. The show also represented knowledge and information about one of the greatest democracies in the world, India.

The show was very clear about their voice and the main theme of the show was “Mumbai meets New York.” It was a great explosion of colors and culture. The cast of the play conveyed the Indian values to the audience, specially to the American people and people around the world. The singers sang the songs which told the story of India since 1947, and the songs also sang the role of every state in the success of India. The host of the show gave statistics about the number of official languages in India and he spoke in all 22 languages by saying, hello, and goodbye. India is known to embrace all types of people, from any background, and that notion was embodied in the show itself. That is, the dancers were truly diverse representing different ethnicity, races, heights, and weights. The production also showcased dances from the Mughal period as well, which plays a huge part in the history of sub-continent including India, Pakistan and British Emperors. The mood of the show was enhanced by the lighting and stage effects. The Holi, which is one of the biggest celebration in India, was creatively presented in the show. The actors were presenting the culture of India in a very fashioned way, they also showed the marriage in India including many occasions that take place during the marriage such as Party, Mehndi, Haldi and Groom/Bride shower. The cast also performed some religious practices including singing the words from Gita and Ramayana, and they showed India’s traditions which allow parents to select the spouse for their children.

I really enjoyed the dances from regions like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and Gujarat. It was a memorable show for me, mainly because of the performances on culture, traditions and life in India were very heart touching. The show also included the perfect match of the dresses from different states in India, like for Gujrat the cast was wearing Lehenga Choli and for Punjab they switched to Kurta and Salwar, which was interesting to watch. Moreover, the story teller, who was the audience’s guide on the mystical journey through India, did a great job with his diction and delivery, and appropriately responded to the audience, he was my most memorable actor. The audience was really transposed to cheap travels India as every person in the hall was thrilled and energized to dance. The use of sounds was great but I felt that the music was already used in some movies and plays before, except for the tribute to Bollywood (Indian Cinema), the rest of the segments should have utilized more original pieces. The skits were very well delivered and the combination of the all the dancers was outstanding, and their timing between the performances was irreplaceable. I learned about the cultures, traditions and dances of India. It was also great to hear the stories of different states in India and each state in India represents a different set of people. Overall, the show exudes creativity and energy and is definitely worth a watch. After watching Mystic cheap travels India, I certainly know more about India now than I did before, and if one cannot afford a trip to India, Mystic India is a cheap ticket to get there.

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